A true story of overcoming defeat and survival

Jonathan was born in 1976 to the parents of Joseph and Carol Merchant, in Huntington Beach, California - his story starts similar to some, normal parents, a normal bright boy who played with friends and a pretty normal life. When he began struggling at school he was diagnosed with mild Autism along with ADD, since his parents were both athletes they introduced him to athletics as an outlet for his energy.


At 16 his parents divorced and he enlisted in the army and went on to complete a tour in Bosnia. However, that is where the story heads into new realms of defeat and survival....

inspirational speaking

Jonathan's story is engaging and promises a future held with hope along with a belief system that has enabled and encouraged him to live his life in faith.


Jonathan is open to bookings, to share his story, please go to the contact page and email or call to set one up for your event.